My Daily Planner

My Daily Planner 5.5

Organize tasks more effectively and be more productive


  • Interface organized in tabs: tasks, meetings and notes
  • Priority color code for tasks
  • Customizable categories


  • Unstable!

Not bad

The more tasks you have to complete, the more stressed you feel about it, and the less productive you are. What's the solution then? Simply organizing your tasks so that you can focus on one thing at a time. And My Daily Planner can help you with that.

My Daily Planner is a simple personal organizer with which you can manage all your pending tasks in a convenient way, sorting them by numbers or by priority – which uses a handy color code. Each task can have a due date, a specific subject (some sort of category) and its correspondent level of importance.

Besides tasks, My Daily Planner also has two other sections, presented as separate tabs in the program's interface. One is for meetings, where you can set up all your upcoming appointments, and another one is for Notes, where you can jot down any data you need to have at hand. A last tab features the program's settings.

Generally speaking, My Daily Planner is a handy app that can help you deal with your tasks in a more efficient, less stressing way. The only problem is that the program is quite unstable and that may actually cause you even more stress.

My Daily Planner is a handy personal organizer that can help you prioritize all your pending tasks and therefore be more productive.

My Daily Planner


My Daily Planner 5.5

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